Sunday, March 28, 2010

SOUL CC March challenge 1

Well here is the first Challenge 1 for tonight.
Now all of us just love to indulge in chocolate don't we. Hmm well maybe some of us don't - but me I'm a choco holic - I love it, but can't eat alot in one go.
So in a tribute to the great CHOCO-LATE
This challenge is of course about the chocolate.
A picture of you enjoying your chocolate, or of your fav chocolate, or your kids eating chocolate. We all those pics of our kids with choc smears from one end of their face to the other....
challenge 1
- chocolate has to be in the picture - somewhere
- use brown and pink. Can use other colours - majority brown and pink.
- inking-
- As many photos as you like
- corrugated cardstock - if you don't have this just screw some up lol
- hand doodling - Ali and Moi - I know your going to love this bit.
- some mesh - again don't have it - just improvise.
and here is my Lo

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